Ok so im learning back in black and i notice this


Now as you can probably see, this bit (as well as a few others) have got notes on the 24th fret which i don't think any sg has, i know mine doesn't (granted its an Epiphone G400 but still). Whats the deal ?
could it be that you have to bend the b string at the 22nd fret to the pitch that would be on the 24th fret an keep it there an play it? this is just a gues btw dont quote me im probably wrong
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could it be a 24 th fret harmonic where u rest your finger above where the 24th fret should be?
Then play all the notes at the 24rth fret on the 19th fret of the high e string, it's the same note...
that means... im guessing you bend up to 24 from the 22nd freft... so you need to bend the b sting on the 22nd fret up one whole note. wich is the same pich as if you had a 24th fret
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nope your sg wont have 24 frets unless its a tony iommi custom
this is because sgs have had 22 frets since they were made and only custom guitars will have 24(like angus youngs or iommis)