I dunno, *shrugs* it really depends on what I listen to. I always try to put myself in the writers shoes so I guess I think about whatever I think the song is about.
I usually start by thinking of how to play it on drums and then i think of how to play it on guitar. Or sometimes i just let the music completely take me away
Music makes me feel a lot of things, but I love music so much, that when I listen to it, it always makes me feel secure, confident and loved. No kidding, I feel loved by the music, because it makes me feel so good.
I try to imagine myself up on stage with that band playing with them infront of 10,000 people. It's intense. \m/
Depends alot on what it is for a song.

some songs make me think of half naked beauties

Some make me think of war

Some good examples are: Hendrix version of U.S.A's Anthem - War and that braindead Bush. The Hives - Square One = Makes me ready to fight idiots at my school

And Mr. Tamburine man by Bob Dylan, makes me think of myself floating in the sky, just enjoying, and i forget all of my problems.

Stray Cats - Tight Black Leather makes me just think of a super hot girl XD

On the Eighth Day, God said, "Let There Be Rock."

And on the ninth day there were hangovers.....

The first couple of times I hear a kick-ass album I think about learning all the riffs & solos and belting them out on some rooftop somewhere on my Jackson and FORCING the entire world to stop & appreciate an awesome song... wether they want to or not.