for christmas i am going to be getting my own electric guitar at last. I do know how to play it i just have never had my own lol.

But i need a multi effects pedal for it. The pedal needs to have a variety effects But, mainly different types of distortion.

I like to play lots of Marilyn Manson, Avenged Sevenfold and some Muse songs lol

I would like to spend about £50 on the pedal, but i would happily go up to £80 if required.

Thanks in advance for your help

PS. Also i needs to be able to give a good sound when playing "Sweet Child Of Mine" as i will be playing at a concert after christmas.



What amp are you using? Because £80 on a Roland Cube or something half decent, with one or two effects built in, will probably sound better for the price.
I am currently using a VOX AD30VT-XL as a practice amp But, i will probably using something like a Marshall Cabinet for the concert.

I have been looking at Zoom G2 effects pedal

does anyone know what they are like for distortion

i´m not a fan of zooms. i think the Korg1500AX would suit you, got one myself
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I thought the XL's speciality was distortion, why do you need anything else? And doesn't it have built in effects? I don't see that a Multi Effects pedal is going to help here.
yep but i need one for playing at the concert. The marshall cabinets at my school are pretty crappy and dont really have effects and last time the overdrive wouldnt even work. So i need a effects pedal :/

how much is the Korg1500AX btw ??