hi guys christmas is coming up and im thinking this year im gonna go ahead a get a guitar. Ive been playing for a few years off and on but ive never actually owned my own guitar but ive been looking at schecter's and ibanez's. Probalby the price range of 400-500 or so. I like the hellraisers but idk if that will be in range umm but is there anyone ibanez's that you guys think that a pretty nice or decent sounding for somewhere around there... im tryin to get back into playing music again. I listen to alot of Between the Buried and Me and i want to learn alot of there stuff and i know they play ibanez's so ya any help would be appreciated thanks alot
Do you have an amp?
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between the buried and me? nice but ...there stuff is a bit hard if your just getting used to guitar. but i can play most of there stuff pretty easy. and get a ibanez RG2EX1 for about 300...its decent for its price.
lol yaa i know there stuff is really hard they have some of the most creative stuff i have ever heard.
i'm pretty sure btbam uses ibanez's s series, if you want to get one similar to them..
if i'm not mistaken, the cheapest s series (which is one hell of a guitar) is about $499.
so if your budget is 500, that might be a little close, but if you go this friday (friday after thanksgiving) it will probably be on sale. the guitar center by me is having a 20% off on every sale and i think there is extra savings on certain items
and the RG2EX1 is a good guitar too, like the other dude said
good luck!