My friend is a bass player and is trying to find an unaccompanied bass solo piece to play for an AS Level Music performance (standard should be around grade 5 or 6)

Anyone have any suggestions?

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Well for my next performance I'm doing a bass version of Bach's Toccata in D Minor which is moderately complex, couple pages long, I could probably upload it if you want
When you say unaccompanied do you mean without other people or without any backing whatsoever, e.g. a backing track?
and is he allowed to play a piece with a backing track and play a solo?
She wishes to play it unaccompanied... I personally think she'd be better with a backing track but yeah, unfortunately it's not my call!

So completely solo!
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What is he doing for the other performances? (and my advice from having done it last year is to aim for grade 6 pieces (or grade 5 pieces with singing) so that he can hit the more difficult mark boundaries for each piece)
A cool thing to do is a two-hand tapping version of Charlie Brown's christmas thene like Stu Hamm has done. Search for it on Youtube, it looks pretty crazy.