Hey people. My Birthday/Christmas is coming up, and I'm asking Santa for a load of pedals.
Basically, for my 5-6 years of playing guitar, I've been using multi-effects pedals such as Zoom's G2.1u. Now, that's fine, but as I'm getting more and more serious with music and gigging, I want to build up my gear with proper, decent single effects pedals.

Here's the kind of pedals and effects I'm after, some of which I've already pretty much decided on the exact pedal for the job I want. Keep in mind, these are for home AND gigging purposes-

Tuning - Boss TU-2 = £55
Wah -
Delay - Boss DD-6 = £100
Chorus -
Harmonizer - Digitech Whammy 4 = £120
Reverb (possibly) -
Distortion/Overdrive - USA Big Muff Pi = £45

It's your job to fill in the blanks, or suggest changes to what I'm already considering.

The kind of music I play is a bit of everything tbh, rock, classic rock, metal, neo-classical, country, funk, punk etc etc. I'm open to all sugestions, and if you have any ideas for other pedals I may enjoy. I intend to try out all your sugggestions on my next trip to London.

I'm not gonnna say a budget, but please don't go crazy on prices. Cheers guys!
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only thing i could recomend is slash wah pedal is the one im thinking of buying.

this video made me want to buy it


also the budda wah is a good choice try those 2. the budda wah is different sounding than normal pedals that's what i heard it has kind of a unique tone

but i heard that slash wah cuts through distortion really nice
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I like all my pedals if that helps. So I say:

Tuning - Korg DT-10
Wah - Vox or RMC (Hard to find in UK)
Delay - Echohead or DMM or #1 Echo
Chorus - Small Clone
Harmonizer - Digitech Whammy 4
Reverb (possibly) - Holy Grail
Distortion/Overdrive - USA Big Muff/TS-808

EDIT: Phasers are always fun: MXR Phase 90
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Wah - Dunlop GCB-95
Delay - Digitech delay or the Boss DD-3 or DD-6 if you have the money
Chorus - I don't know much about this effect
Harmonizer - Digitech Whammy 4
Reverb (possibly) - Boss RV-5 or the RE-20 Space echo.
Distortion/Overdrive - Digitech Hot Head
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I can tell that the wah pedal is going to be most difficult to decide on xD I've heard a lot of good things about crybabies, but also a lot of horror stories of the differences between each pedal. I guess I'll have to try each one out for myself. If it helps, I'm wanting to use the wah pedal for mainly funk and classic rock solos.

So far I'm looking to spend around £230 on the pedals I've pretty much decided on. If I buy the DD-6, is there much point in getting a reverb unit like the RV-5, or vice versa?