After browing the web for something to cart around with me to play at youth group, gettogethers, just practicing in privacy, I decided to have my Mom go and pick me up a Digitech RP50 at a local store (I have homework to finish, and she was going into town anyways). Anyways... I just need some help as to how to set it all up when she gets home in a few hours (i'm new to multi effects).

First of all: Where would I plug it in, do i put it in the effects loop?

What are some good settings (EQ/Gain) for the amp models?

Is the noise gate any good on it?

Can I hurt my amp if I use it wrong?

Is it worth keeping for carting around and for the drum machine? I got it for 60 bucks and the store has a week return policy.

And finally, what are the 2 footswitches used for (the black pads under the LED section)?

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Well I got a RP250, which isn't much more crazy than that, just has an expression pedal and stuff i think.
I chuck mine in the effects loop, sounds pretty good, but the amp models don't sound good through an amp with any gain on it. So roll your gain almost off.
The effects on em aren't bad, and they're good for carting around to jam with. The drum machine sucks pretty bad though. The two footswitches go between presets. You can't set one for like 'delay - on' or anything, which is what i was hoping for.
You just make a sound you like, and then like the same sound with an effect on it after it, and you can just change from that one to the next.

They're handy units, but I prefer the Boss ME-50 personally.
But for the money, they're handy little things.
Yeah i own the 250 as well, For the eq setting i usually have bass on 6, midrange 6 and treble 9. and the noise gate stops the annoying feedback after playing.