yeah dude, this is an amazing piece of kit, i have actually recorded and mastered some tunes entirely on the micro br, here are the links if u wana have a listen, its basically instrumental metal, so nothing too offensive.




those are 3 of the tracks from my current album recorded entirely on the micro br. i wud definately recommend gettin an ac adapter because u can use batteries but they die pretty quick. the Boss psa200 i think is the official one but i have a random company and it works fine. also i wud say get a bigger memory card for more storage. u can buy a 1gb SD mem card, from amazon for like 4 quid, so get one of those. but dont get bigger than 1gb cos it doesnt accept it. and also like u mentioned, headphones are needed.

hope this in some ways convinces you to buy one of these, just to confirm i dont work for Boss but i wudnt mind, its helped me alot in being creative and gettin my album started.
thanks a bunch, really helpful, erm have you got another link to the songs, like myspace, etc? because thats not working for me.
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sorry bout that i dont have a myspace, i just tried it and it did work, u just have to wait like 8 seconds or something, if you still cant access it, then no worries, they aint that good anyways lol. just wanted to give an example, have another go.