what do you guys use, if you can be please be specific with the kind of seating that's best when playing guitar because my couch is a piece of crap that destroys my spine and my computer chair has arms that can't be taken off so I'm gonna buy something for playing but I'm just curious what is best, something that has back support but no arms.
I personally prefere my golden throne, it has a little drinks cup anda special guiatar stand too

now seriously, a simple ikea chair, one of thsoe black fold up ones...they do it for me. No arms or any **** like that
I would get a foot stool or stand but after extended periods it kinda sucks.
I'm most productive when I'm standing.
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pretty much anything without arms will do, i suggest standing though since in live situations you will have to play standing up...unless you rock it out spacemen 3 style and sit down while you play, thats cool too though.
^ That works but playing bass doesn't

bad, bad, bad vibrations

i nearly pooed myself
Computer chair with arms.
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