yo guys

for all you classic rock/metal fans out there.... my band 'Tequila Rockin'Bird' have just released our debut album 'Screams From The Wild' ....

we're allowing people to DOWNLOAD THE WHOLE ALBUM FREE!! from our website


the album is getting rave reviews, and has had over 300 downloads in the first 2days of it being online!

all that we ask, is if you like it, you spread the word about the band..... add us to myspace, request a gig etc..


this is totally genuine, i hope it doesnt get considered spam, and we really just wanna know what you guys think etc!!

Tequila Rockin'Bird
alright greg?

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lol, im not sure i like our own name either.... but we're in one of those situations where we'll lose if we change it....!!

glad you liked the cd, spread the word about if you can bro, cheers!

priest ROCK!