I've had a guitar for about 5 - 6 months, recently got a bass, I've got a guitar/bass tuner, and I tried the bass in my amp (for the guitar) and it didn't sound right, I tried tuning it in, and the tuner wasn't working, I thought maybe using the guitar cable with the bass, might have being a problem, I'll have to try with my guitar.
it doesnt sound the sae when you put a bass guitar in a regulr guitars amp. That may be it but im not sure
Well guitar amps are designed to handle much higher frequencies than what a bass uses. Best bet is to pick up a cheap bass amp.
Thanks you two, I getting one once I've paid of my mate, I also asked my cusin and he said it probally that bad out of tune it will be registering it wierd, you see I got it off my mam's mate's son so I'm thinking he's left so its gone out of tune. BTW if its says a note is too sharrp (#) which way do you twist the machine head?