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*****New Price On Amp!!!!!!And now guitar!!!!!!********

Now letting the amp go for $750!!!!

Hey, I have an Ibanez sz720dmfas and a traynor ycs custom special 100 for sale. I paid $700 for the guitar, $1100 for the head, and $800 for the cab. They are about 3 months old, the amp is too much for me, and the guitar is not being used, it was bought on a whim.

The guitar I will let go for $250
the amp I will let go for $750

here are some pics.

Paid $80 for a hardshell case that comes with this as well.

so you can post here, pm me , or email me with offers and more questions!
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so is the traynor gone?
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so is the traynor gone?

no, it is still available.

and to stang: what doubleneck and how much money?
What would it cost to ship to US(Alabama), and whats the lowest you'll go on the half stack?
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I will see what the cost is for it, but I don't know, just make an offer and I will see if it's good or not.
yeah I did, I kind of need the money for christmas, but if I don't have it sold after christmas, I will get back to you
I'm very interested in the Ibanez...what would the shipping charge be to 05495 OR 13820...I have houses in both locations, whichever would be cheaper.

Get back to me! I might want to get myself an early x-mas gift!
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USER NAME: GuitarNewf

He has taken my money for a guitar/$250 that I sent 2 months ago, still no guitar or proof of shipment... and I googled his SN and found he has tried to scam other people on other forums.

He hasn't been around since early January, but he did have a few things "for sale". He is awful at communication and seems very sleazy.

I may have to proceed with legal charges, but I fear that since it was an international deal (USA to Newfoundland) that I may not recover my loses.


USER NAME: GuitarNewf
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