hey ive just joined an indie band, influences include the wombats, the strokes, libertines etc. And i need help writing songs on guitar like what chords scales i should use. any help would be appreaciated.

cheers stew x
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It's pretty much ultra-melodic rock music. There's usually two guitars, one plays fifth chords to keep rhythm, other plays a few major scale melodies, often imitating the vocal melody. Use a light overdrive on your amp.
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the one main thing i like to do wen writing something a little less heavy and more indie is to use a lot more barre chords as opposeed to full on power chords.
also just put on very light distortion. and by using up and down strumming and putting most of my emphasis on the higher notes of chords, i get that kinda indie feel like wombats and co. tehn its just a matter of finding a groovy strumming pattern and chord proggresion to find the basis of your song.
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Yeah, full barre chords and major scales. A bit of delay and maybe chorus if you're going to play lead guitar, as well.