So lately Ive started listening to alot more heavy rock, mainly Slash in Guns and Roses and Velvet Revolver and I really like his tone alot. Also Im trying to start up a band and I think that the heavier music is more appealing to today's audiences. I used to listen to almost exclusively blues/rock, mainly Hendrix and Clapton and although I love the stuff it just doesnt have the fanbase it used to.

Anyway, I purchased a used Fender Twin Reverb about 5 months ago for $830, but I could probably sell it as brand new and noone would ever know it because its in such good shape. The problem is that it doesnt get that heavier/fuzzy/distorted tone that I want, even with my OD pedal. So Ive been thinking about maybe selling it because I know I could get my money back, and then getting something else. Maybe a Marshall like Slash uses (all tube, combo in my case). Anway, what are your guys opinions? Could I get the tone Im looking for with the Twin Reverb and some addition pedals? Is there a comparable amp that would better suite my purpose? Keep in mind that I still want to have decent cleans when I need them. Thanks guys.
thats tough. if you want slash's tone you wont get it from that fender. the DSL401 woul work, but check out a peavey windsor + framus (2x12) cab + new tubes

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Thanks for answering all my question ssguitar

I currently have a ts-9 OD pedal as well, would there by any specific mods (I know theres tons out there), that would help me get close? Or perhaps another pedal all together?