I have got some questions about the Boss TU2 tuner, and noise gates...

1. What's the special thing about the TU2? I mean, it's not the cheapest tuner... ^^
And I just saw a review of it on youtube, that guy talked about only using it with an instrument with preamp... does it mean, my guitar has to be active? oO
One more, does it just show me on which note the string is at the moment or do I have to change any settings if I want to change my tuning? I use different tunings, b, drop c, e.... :/

2. My amp is a Peavey Bandit, I use a lot of distortion, and it hums like hell... I am quite sure it's the amp itself, so would a noise gate kill this humming? (if I turn my pickups off it doesn't stop at all)
I am looking into a Boss NS2... I know ISP FTW!!!!111oneeleven, but it nearly costs the double...

Thx in advance!
oh, and I DID use the search...
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I am looking into a Boss NS2... I know ISP FTW!!!!111oneeleven, but it nearly costs the double...

Can't really help you out with the TU-2 seeing as I've never used it, but the ISP craps all over the Boss- the Boss doesn't cut ALL of the excess noise AND sucks your tone.
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1. you dont change settings it tell you the note the string is in and you match it to the middle.

2. yes im pretty sure it will, but too be honest the boss added some hum in the ten minutes i messed about with it, and for the price of the isp it really is worth it for a quality pedal.
Why not buy a cheap £10 tuner like me? Pisses all over the whatever you say nowadays
Because I want to tune my guitar without having to turn off the amp, and to plug the cord into the tuner and stuff... and if I notice that my guitar is a bit out of tune or sth like this I simply activate my tuner and tune it. AND I already made bad experience with cheap tuners. xD
So I will get the TU2 for christmas, thx for your help!

Also thx about the noise gate, I'll think about getting the ISP one more time... ^^
the TU-2 is a chromatic tuner, so if you want to tune the 6th string down to c, just tune it down until the TU-2 says it's in c. rinse, repeat. it's super easy to use and it makes tuning really fast, though it's not the best tuner available. If you're not going to be doing shows or playing with a band, you might want to look at the TU-12. it's quite a bit cheaper, since it's not in pedal form, but it is a bit more feature rich. plus, you can keep it plugged inline with your guitar and amp.

As far as the noise gate, is the sound there when you have your guitar unplugged? if so, a noise gate will not help you. it only stops noise from signal passing THROUGH it, so if it's an issue with the DC current from the outlet, you're out of luck. if it's bad wiring in your guitar, though, it'll work.
^Thx, but I think I'll get the TU2... it's cheaper, and I am going to play shows...
/edit: it's the "TU12H Digital Tuner" I was looking at... costs 4€ more. xD/

If I unplug the guitar, it is still there, and it's loud.
But only in the distortion channel... the clean doesn't make noise at all compared to the other channel. There IS noise, but it isn't loud, and it becomes silent if I turn down the presence knob...
So what should I do about the noise of the distortion?
Is there another way to get rid of damn high feedback than a noise gate? (...if it doesn't help me getting rid of the noise... :/ )
you know, thinking back, my peavey rage 158 had a nasty buzz on the distortion channel. never had it up too loud so it never bothered me. not sure if there's anything you can do about it without spending money to fix it that should go to getting you into a better amp.

And the tu-12h is more expensive? weird. that one's at least $20 less here. are you outside the US?

either way, the TU-2 will do you right. it's a really solid pedal. you'll have it forever like all boss pedals. I had one when i was in a gigging band, but i sold it off because i was doing mostly acoustic stuff and didn't use it. I just bought one again (today actually). funny how i always come back to boss.
really strange, it costs 99€ here... I live in Austria

I might ask my favourite guitar shop about my amp... I thought all amps would do this. xD
But I still could just change to clean mode in longer rests, or in a break. But I guess I'll need a noise gate to kill the feedback. xD Everybody is sick of my squealing sounds at our rehearses. ^^

THX at all! You helped me a lot!