Ok, so heres the dilly, Highway in the wind... i watch it on youtube live from sydney, and i try to figure out the chords by looking closely at where his fingers are. I find this impossible, because the chord that i keep playing sounds horrible. I can't find tabs ANYWHERE for this song, so can someone please help me? I'm playing on an old Dean Vendetta with throwaway strings that my friend probably got from walmart, but i can still play some pretty beautiful music. I just want to learn this one song so bad, heres the link if you need it...


Please help, this song means a lot to me

If you can, email me at steve_the_hippy@yahoo.com
Looks like a capo on the 3rd fret. Then the shapes just look something like D, D/G, Em7 for the first part.
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well, even if you could figure out something that sounds like it, i just want to play it so badly. I've got this thing goin on with a friend of mine, and i wanna sing this for him to see if he digs my style. There're a few other songs i'm gonna do for'em, but this would complete my line up. This is for the sake of a future band, people, lol. As before, if you think you've got it perfectly or even close to sounding like this song, email me or reply to this forum thread, or SOMETHING!!! any details won't hurt, tell me anything you can about how to play this song. Keep in mind, my tunings only consist of drop D and standard.
I don´t know, if you´re still looking for some details ... just found that song ... and tried to play ... so here is "my" highway ...
play it with capo on the 3. fret, E is dropped down to D, so you get a fine bass-line...
During the first lines it based on D with a bass-line on the fourth, fifth and sixth strings.

Last lines:
D/D-bass 4.String D/ Db-bass 5. Str. D/B-bass 5. Str. D/ A-bass 5. Str.
Meantime i`ll keep sailing down

1 2 3 4 d
This highway in the wind.

1: 5,5,0,0,3,0
2: 4,4,0,0,3,0
3: 2,2,0,0,3,0
4: 0,0,0,0,3,0