so far i narrowed it down to an hss stratocaster or ibanez RG4EXQM1
and im getting a Vox Valvetronix amp

okay so now i need you guys to help me on which to get or you guys can recommend me others in the price range $400 and down.
for styles i want to be versatile but i'll be playing a lot of alternative, guns n roses, red hot chili peppers, blues and probably throw in some punk and metal in there.
so what do you guys think?
they are both nice guitars, can't really go wrong. choose the one that feels the best to you.
I would prefer to get the Strat to be honest, just my preference, you've got a decent amp so just pick the guitar which feels best for you.
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i'd go with the strat, but thats just my preference. depends on what styles you play
mm i'll see what i can get but i heard the lockin trem system on the ibanez is a pain in the ass when restringing
yeah, the rg is a pain to restring, but those guitars are amazing IMO. Either way you go, you're getting a good guitar, so like everyone else is saying, just pick whichever one feels right to you.