I have the game of the year edition of half life 2. It came with CS:S and half life #1, would I understand the storyline better if I played the first one first? Or is 2 good enough that I should just skip over the first one and play it?

You don't really need to play One to enjoy 2, but I recommend playing it because its brilliant. You sure its not Episode One instead of one?
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You don't have to play in order, you will still be able to enjoy 2. They both stand strong as individual games, but i would still reccomend playing 1 eventually if not first.
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half life one first. it's a better game in my opinion
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Never had half life 1.

2 was awsum on the xbox! Brillantly cinematic, cracker of a story.


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Yeah play 1, it will help you to understand 2 (though they do have seperate story lines) I never completed 1, it came out when I was quite young and didnt get to play it that much

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Alright, I think I will play through one.

and it is the first one, not episode one. It is HL: source. Damn I wish I had the two expansion packs... maybe I should play the game first and see if I like it lol.

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You dont need to play 1 in order to understand 2. Ive never played 1 all the way through, but it is considered to be on par with 2, so I would say play it just for the coolness of it.
Play HL1, and play Opposing Force and Blue Shift, then HL2, then EP1, then EP2.]

You might go "wtf are the talking about" if you don't play 1 first. OP and Blue Shift are not important to the story but still good, you just play through HL1 as a different person.