Has anybody ever seen or painted a guitar with a material finish? More specifically, one with the material being a very large photo. I came acrossThis Tutorial, but it's done with cotton, which can more easily stretch than paper, and there aren't issues with ink bleeding when exposed to paint/sealer/other wet things inherent to finishing. Also, the photo will be slightly higher than the wood and will be exaggerated by the surface tension of the paint. I was thinking, since I'm going to burst from green to the photo that I could put wood filler where the image ends, then sand it smooth, since the edges will be painted over anyway. any ideas??

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I know g-cash14 did a material finish on his razorback build, to answer your first question. I've never heard of it being done with paper, though. My only idea on how to make it work would be to buy some of those iron-on-t-shirt-logo-maker-thingies (kind of like a transparency, but you can print off designs from your computer and iron them onto t-shirts). Get some of them and a white t-shirt, then print off the PCB pic onto the iron-on paper, then iron that onto the white t-shirt, and voila! The design you want on a peice of fabric. Then just follow the steps in the tutorial you posted. The only reason it may not work is if the iron-on paper isn't large enough... I'm not sure how you'd get around that problem...
yeah, I can't see that working out too well. Both because those iron on things suck and they're not big enough. I was going to go to staples so that they could print off the photo all big and whatnot. I have seen guitars on here that used a collage of magazine clippings and things like that, so I'm lead to believe that this is possible.