42nd Street

Well I’m moving down to 42nd street
Just a block away from New Years Eve
I need to be in New York City
Where are all the businessmen come to sleep
I could live in cheap hotels
And write my songs by the wishing wells
Well I’m going down to 42nd street
Where the beautiful women paint the avenue
Then stay up late hoping to hear the truth
From their husbands they don’t love
But can’t afford to leave
When I get around to 42nd street
The first thing I’m gonna do
Is buy a nice fake smile
Then where it around this nice fake town for a while
Turns out I’m not what I said I was
I’m not your knight in shining armor
I’m just another deadbeat liar
Livin down the road on 42nd street
I could go out tonight
Check out the old Broadway
I might just make it through one more fight
I might just stay for one more day
Down on 42nd street

(the end)

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