Hi folks!

Here is my latest creation. Its focussed on really thrashing beats and riffs. Hope you like it =)

The song is done to 75%. Please crit!


Mr. Wallace
It wasn't bad, but those two riffs got old quick. I would consider adding some more riffs to it. I really liked the first riff with the almost funky syncopation, but you used that riff far too much, imo. The second riff was good, but a couple of the chords sounded off to me, but it might just be the midi sound. You've got a solid song structure, but it needs a little more to keep the listener interested because two riffs in repetition get boring.

Crit my newest? Thrash/Melodic Metal
Thnx! Ive tried a bit around, but i wasnt able to create something better.
It would be cool, if you could edit the tab. The song should be a bit more harder and a bit more funky but i find it difficult to make the song like this.

mr. wallace