So, I'm hoping to pickup one of these babies for absolute slide/bottleneck purposes, after seeing some really nice stuff with it via Youtube, and so I can get a cheap guitar to keep in open tunings that I can pickup and jam out on.

On my next trip to Denmark Street I shall be trying out one of these - Does anyone have any experiences with them? I mean, for the money (£150), I'd be getting a cheap, but reliable guitar that I can beat around, rock out with etc onstage, that can handle those awesome slide licks well, right? It's been getting some rave reviews in the magazines lately too, which is always a good thing.

Oh, I'm aware that a lot of you will think it's ugly, but that doesn't bother me - I think it's cool anyway, especially in the flesh

Not sure about the finish I'd be getting, probably burgundy/blue or something. From what I hear, this guitar's great for slide, which is what I want it for.

Here's a cool video of the original model in action for anyone that's interested:
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first time ive ever heard of that guitar.... but hey... good enough for beck... good enough for you
Jimmy Page used a Danelectro guitar for In My Time of Dying. It looked better than that though...