listening to it now..this is really groovy. reminds me a lot of pink floyd, really. you've got some great tone. I like the lead playing a lot. I can defintely tell you posses some great skill, and at the same the lead playing is restrained a bit, which shows class for sure. great job
very floydish
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This is deep
Was the pun intended?
Actually no

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that was pretty cool man, I liked the slow rhythm licks in the background. They gave it a very relaxed feel.
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classy man... very classy
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Very mellow intro, nice chill-out stuff lol

^^ definatly classy. the whammy its very cooly used, with the delay and reverb sounds like the bluesy tone your after.

the lead is very clear and the mixing is great. the improv is definatly suited to the style. the fade out towards the end might want to be shorter, it loses volume at about 2:40?

great blues and very mellow, on the pull music



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that rhythm is great. Nice playing so far. The mix sounds a little busy though if you know what i mean. Too many differnt sounds. Kinda jazz-blues sort of deal, i like it alot. Great jingly thing in there, really adds to the feel. Impressive playing, very calm feel at first and like the step up at the end. Very cool. It seems to go nuts at the end, but in a good way. Overall nice job. Mind critting mine? Please?

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Thanks yall. It was mainly inspired by blue jeans blues by zztop but I can see how it sounds floydish. The delay/chorus/reverb is off of a Vox Valvetronix.