Hey guys just wrote this entire song, its my first time ever writing a song I found enjoyable. I think personally you can see alot of my muse influences in this song, I really hope so at least!

Its in my profile!
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Cool progression. Has kinda a poppy feel to it (dont take that offensivley please), the vox go very nicely with the accoustic guitar and the feel of the song. Im impressed. I'm sorry, but i cant really think of much more to say on it. Catchy, cool progression/riff, and the vocals were very impressive. Would you mind giving mine a listen?


EDIT: my recording quality is horrible. What did you use to get that quality that you have? I assume one mic, but what kind of mic? How is it hooked up? Thanks.
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Ah remix my man! I'll be glad to crit your song.

and I'll type as i listen.

first off, you have a great voice, im very jealous. haha

second, since you have such a good voice, you need to turn it up man!

I like the acoustic playing, what'd you use to record this? If you used the mic I just bought you'd sound amazing! haha.

I don't really have much else to say. It was good, I'd buy a CD of this.

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Hey guys thanks alot!! Im really really excited and happy people like something i wrote!

nick we posted at close to the same time so I missed your response. thanks so much about my voice, I got shot down the first 20 or so times I posted music. Its soo nice to have a turnaround. Anyway, my mic is built into my laptop so I need to get one definately. I might go get the same one as you!
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