Hey, I'm a guitarist/[slap] bassist. I'm looking for possible suggestions on basses that would be good for both regular and slap bass playing, in a range no higher than $500-600. Right now, I'm already getting a Cort Artisan B4 for Christmas, but I could change what I want in the near future. I figure there are some awesome bassists here, including some slap ones, so I would like some advice. Thanks!
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90% of the posts in this thread will promote the Fender Jazz or EBMM Stingray....and for good reason

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well, maybe you should try the higher range Ibanez EDB models even my bottom of the range one is brilliant!
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yes, fender jazzes are very nice for slap and finger style. its got a sound that seems to appeal to most people so there's a good chance you'll like it.
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Fender jazz +1

everyone will probs recommend one of these bad boys
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Epiphone Thunderbird. Without a doubt the best bass you will ever find. Popular, too.

Or, you could go with sense a get the jazz
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Wow. I have experience with playing a Fender Jazz, but haven't taken much a liking to them. My hands are very small, so I need a bass that's light with light strings (which is why I like this Cort). Maybe I don't like the Fender Jazz I play because it's really beat up and doesn't function properly (E and A strings pop out of alignment constantly, which during performances is very annoying). Also, I don't think the Fender Jazz is really in my price range. Neither is the EBMM, unfortunately. Not sure about an Ibanez bass. Next time I go to Guitar Center, I'll see if they've lowered the prices on their W basses.
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Try a well set up MIM Fender. It's in your exact price range, and only about 3% of the bass playing population say they dislike it. Fender jazzes are rather compact basses, without feeling "girly". They still feel like a big 24 oz. steak in your hand, but without any clumsiness I find from even larger basses.
I tried a ibanez sr500 and it felt pretty small but neat. Very easy to slap in my opinion.
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one time i let my cat has cheezburger. i thought it was pretty funny.