So i am looking for a new guitar after my ibanez sz broke. I play out of a mesa boogie tremoverb dual combo (100 watts) and i need a sound that can range from heavy, soft, raw, and atmospheric. If you think listening to my band will help the url is


It is crucial that the guitar is durable as my band is starting to book ourselves for shows about three times a month......So WHAT GUITAR SHOULD I BUY???
why not buy another ibanez?
perhaps an S prestige, or just an S

maybe you'd want a PRS though
that's what I reckon anyway

(Shoop da Woop)
Price range? Tremolo or not?

Ibanez RG1570 is a good, durable choice, but you'll want to replace the pickups. It costs a bit, though. Also, the S models could be worth checking out - S540 and S470 are popular models. Some kind of PRS guitar (SE standard/tremonti maybe) could also be an option, or simply a high-end Epiphone LP/SG.
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tremolo is not necessary, and i'm wary about ibanez's because although i liked the sz they seem to have to harsh a tone for my taste. the prs's are good but most are wicked pricey. what about the prs custom se? or a strat? Also guitar needs to stay in tune.