So my old myspace page is "Rockin at the house' but I need to change it to make it a little more professional IMO.

I was thinking blue room studio but its taken...
same with blue room.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Photos of my studio since I want the name to fit the feel which is a lot of blue...:

Also if anyone has any ideas I could do for a "main icon" and background image that would be great. (I'm good at photoshop but not great at thinking up what to start making with it...)

Keep the ideas professional please as this info will be on the net, in schools and on some TV stations in a few months.
(one of the main reasons I'm redoing the whole myspace layout and studio name...)
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Shred City

I'm trying to keep the "moody" name out of it all...
It's an old screen name from back in the day anyways...

I like shred city but would also like to put something with blue in there as I do lots of blues and funk tracks along with some rock...

Either way, if it looks good in photoshop shred city may stay as is...
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