fo shizzle my nizzle for rizzle!!!! hi im new on this forum, i find it funny everytime you join a new forum ur like hi im new, but your not really cos you've posted in other forums :S does anyone get what i mean??? asides from that:

im james my mates call me bob, ive been playing seriously for a few years but have always been around guitars and playing on them since i was a kid, i think the lessons on this site are amazing i use to just get tab from here a few years ago when i was in college but the lessons have proved an invaluable source! the reason im joining is to get some help really, to engage in other musicians about tricks and tips to get the most out of my playing, ive recently met with some like minded musicians and were putting together a band they haven't see my skills yet so i wanna max em out as much as possible before they see i can barely play a chord (just kidding) anyways hopefully some of ya can be of some help and maybe i can help some of you! peace!!!!
hey buddy. if i was you, i wouldn't tizzle like thizzle in the pizzle. for shizzle
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