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And yeah, they're amazing. What songs should I learn? I searched but nothing relevant came up on the first page so yeah, this thread isn't hurting anyone.

Already learning Cool #9.

Suggestions =)
If you have a wah pedal, plug into your wah and whammy and use one foot for each and play some random super fast sweeping and tapping licks and you'll have a dragonforce solo.
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Icky Thump-White Stripes
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True story.
the solo from no brains
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that one riff from the glass prison by dream theatre
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Kirk Hammet loves his Wah pedal. Mark tremonti too (creed, alter bridge).
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Zakk Wylde/BLS
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Kirk Hammet loves his Wah pedal. Mark tremonti too (creed, alter bridge).

Yeah. but we are in a thread about the whammy.
Living Colour- Cult of Personality
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Like A Stone


The solo from Wind Below from RATM. It's just noise but it gives ya excuse to use your shiny new pedal....

I want one
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+1 To dethklok theme song, it has cool lead licks with a whammy pedal.
^^ and Strength Beyond Strength.

I love the whammy in that!!

I too want one...
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voodoo child (slight return)-jimi hendrix

or any jimi
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New Born - Muse


and Icky Thump while you're at it.
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Searching - Joe Satriani
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i bought one a while back, i never liked using it. i love the sound it makes and what not, but i just didn't like messing with it
"New Born"- Muse

One of the best songs with a Whammy that I can think.

I want a Whammy pretty bad, too.
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That Satch song looks fun. I'll give it a try.

I don't have a good enough delay pedal to do Touching Tongues, much as I'd love to.

Thanks for suggestions all
black math, death letter (live version), and ball and biscuit by the white strtipes (though death letter is a cover, their version owns).
lucky... i've been wanting that pedal for like ever now... =/
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learn "searching" by satch. then give the whammy pedal to me free of charge

... I'm serious
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Invincible- Muse

You can play korns twisted transistor just with a b octave and dropping the octave down.

most of the time my whammy sits doing nothin.
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Searching- joe satriani

that is without a doubt the coolest whammy pedal riff ever

EDIT: nevermind, it was already mentioned above
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