Wow. looks fun. very fun. And very, very loud. especially if thats a tube head. And if u can soon, get a straight-front cab instead of 2 slant cabs.
Two slanted cabs? Ooooh no you didn't!

Info on the guitar pls, looks really cool

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what is a solo?
guitar is a mystery magna series that aria USA and aria japan cant identify. got all gotoh stuff including bridge and tuners and locking nut, all dimarzio pickups, its nice as hell. the head screams, its nasty, its clean tones are way to bassy though, only problem ive run into, hopefully the peavey will get some high-end out, because that b52 cab is known for hardcore metal, but i make it sound good. both cabs are stereo by the way, sick. i want a stereo head, vox has a real nice tube one.