so, this wednesday im going to get my driving permit. NOT my liscence. just my permit.

so, how hard is the test? do i need to study very hard? im in drivers ed, and at the top of my class. the permit test is JUST a written test, so i think i'll do good.

wish me luck!
Good Luck.
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yea its pretty easy most of the stuff on it is just common sense so you should pass it no problem... u might want to study up a bit on numbers like i know i missed on on like age of a kid for a car seat or something stupid like that but u get 2 chances per visit and u can miss up to 5 so u should be good. GL
Should be a breeze for u, We don't get drivers ed in the uk, we have to pay for everything.
I think if we had drivers ed un uk the roads would be a safer place!!
Good luck!!
I live pretty much in Kansascity, Kansas, and the drivers test was hella easy. First time i missed 50%, having NO knowledge on how many feet away i should have my blinker on and such, and all they did was give me the right answers and told me to take it again. In and out in 15 minutes