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Well I thought to put a 4-ply white pearloid pickguard in case of buying a black one. I'm not sure how it would look on a white guitar, but that is for now just in a field of theory.

Thanks for voting.
White. Use just a plain white(maybe pearloid) pick guard with it.

I am a sucker for (arctic)white strats, they are just so damn beautiful.
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Color is purely an opinion thing, so I say go for what you like. Although, IMO, the white looks better.
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Well thanks for sharing your opinions, it helped me very much.
I will buy white, but I'm probably going to change pickguard (white or pearloid).
But there is one problem. I don't know how to change pickguard, I guess that pots need to be taken off, right?
They don't need to open my guitar, just to take off strings and pots?
that pickguard is awful
but i'd go for white and have a white pickguard, like that strat above
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I searched for the pickguards and I have found the one that will be placed on my white lone star.
It is white pearl HSS pickguard, I almost decided to buy it, when I saw a problem.
It is one of those screws that are tightened near the pickups, on the both sides.
There is only one hole, but there should be two. I kept looking a picture of guitar and a picture of pickguard and I just couldn't believe it!
I can't even put there one screw hoping that will last, cause this hole is right in center and it should be one under and one above.
Here is the picture:

Please tell me what to do, if you have any sugestions, I'll be most thankful.
White Pearl HSS Pickguard.jpg
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I like the white one tbh. I always see white strats in shops have a yellow tinge to the body compared to the scratch plate, this "Olympic White American Stratocaster" seems to be pure white if im not mistaken and blind? i would love to put a turtoise shell pickguard on it xD
Quote by Midnight Murk
Well, here is a different picture I found on zZounds. It appears that this Lone Star would work with the pickguard: http://cachepe.zzounds.com/media/quality,85/brand,zzounds/0139410380v1_hi-7f46bf5bc0df3fdc6b3cdb82a031254a.jpg

I guess there is a same possibility to get one with the only one screw or one with the two screws.
Problem is that I can't choose, the one I've been playing in the shop is sold and they won't order that model anymore.
There is only one possibility left - to order specialy for me, and then I'll get what fate decides.

Thanks, you gave me hope that this still can be done.

What do you think about pickguard?
lol, that pickguard is right, there are two holes, one on each side, humbuckers only use one screw per side to mount in strat style pickguards, you use the two per side (and the height adjustment screw) when you use mounting rings, that pickguard will be perfectly fine for you
I like them both. Decide for yourself!
Im gonna buy a Olympic white strat with Maple fretboard I think. Gorgeous guitars.

Playing on stage with one of those with a black t shirt on = win.
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Well, with white pearl pickguard, black would look great too.
If I manage to put it, of course.

Thanks for sharing your opinions, I really appreciate it.