what do yall think of the epiphone hummingbird acoustic?? i wanna buy it...i played with it and i like how it sounds but i also saw this martin i love but i can t afford the martin its like 500 and the epiphone is only 3. i would like the gibson but i def dont have the money for that.....thanks!!
i think that if you like it you should buy it

did you try out an epiphone dove also? i like its tone a little better than the hummingbird, but that's just my personal taste.
I don't like the stock Epiphones, they're tinny and buzzy. The masterbuilts are nice though and they're good value.
right on! yeah ive seen the dove its awesome too! one of the reasons i wanted the hummingbird was because it comes in the cherry sunburst color and i have an epiphone les paul. and i thought itll be neat to have a matchin electric and acoustic i dunno...lol
i have an acoustic guitar that looks like just like that guitar but it has a different neck on it. could it be a knockoff? who all made knockoff hummingbird guitars?
i don't have the guitar but a girl in guitar class at school has it an di play it everyday and i rreally like it