A pal of mine asked me to get a compilation of songs for him to learn on the guitar that are easy. I'm not a guitarist, but I know the difference between hard and easy, since I have experience with music, and I decided to see what you all had to say.
Seven Nation Army - White Stripes
Woman - Wolfmother
Dissonance is Bliss

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Smells Like Teen Spirit
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ghold125, why are u pretending like crazy train is an easy song for beginners? You honestly think that someone with no guitar experience could play a randy rhoads song? I still cant get it to sound exactly like the album on the solo and ive been playing for a whiile. Kid, play any nirvana song, white stripes song, a few iron maiden without solos, the INTRO to crazy train if anything, and dont waste your time tuning down to system of a down songs. gluck.
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SOAD songs can be pretty difficult, other than Hypnotize. If he can tune a full step down, Mastodon's Colony of Birchmen is decently easy, and sounds great. Any green Day songs are really simple and easy. Vertigo by U2 is really easy. Any Hives is easy and fun.

EDIT: the riff b4 the keyboard solo is a bit hard in Woman. instead, id play White unicorn by Wolfmother, much easier.
mostly everything by nirvana, if your bud is into that. ummm, try some motley crue or somethin. I dunno, just listen to a song and if he likes look at the tab for it and see if its easy enough for him. thats how my friend learned to play bass
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White Unicorn by Wolfmother. Works in some power chords and slides some chords up and down the neck, and it rocks hard. A great song for beginners in my opinion. Easy to learn, fun to play with.
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Quote by KillahSquirrel
Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd

yeah i learned a lot from that song, and also Moby Dick, Black dog, and stairway to heaven are good songs by led zeppelin
Fell In Love With a Girl - White Stripes

Easiest Song in the world. If not, try "The End." by MCR, it's pretty cool
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