I'm not a great singer by any means, but I'd like to think I'm moderately decent. Some notes (within my range) I just don't seem to be able to hit pitch perfect which really annoys me. Are there any tips you can give me to improve my voice?

I've also noticed I find it really difficult to sing and play guitar at the same time, even chords unless they're simply attatched to the pattern of the tune (starting new phrases/notes whilst changing chords). I've been playing guitar for seven years so I'm thinking it's just because I'm too aware of my fingers and not enough for my voice.

Again, any tips?

1. Practice with some1 (or urself) hitting those notes with a piano.

2. Just practice until it becomes second nature. Maybe try looking away from the guitar or watching TV while playing.
well first and formost check out the vocal tips thread up top. secondly, make sure that when you practice with a piano or guitar you are brutally honest. if you're just a little off make sure you can admit that to yourself and keep trying.
Also, try to find your resonance. Males (unless you're throat-singing) should get a nice, deep sound from the diaphragm. If you can accomplish this, it is natural to sing notes that harmonize because your lungs and throat are going to be "ready" so to speak, just like harmonics on a string. If you just sang a nice "E" it's tough not to hit "A," because it's a perfect fourth.

So find your resonance and build on it.

Also, the oldest trick in the book is vibrato. The professionals do it all the time, and yes it adds depth and dimension to their singing, but it also covers up for the fact that they aren't hitting every single note.

When you hear a modulating tone (vibrato) your brain automatically "fills in" the missing note.

They say the same thing about fretless bass. Play "around" your notes to take advantage of the psychoacoustic affect. Let your listener hear the note even though you're not hitting it!
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For singing and playing at the same time, RTFS
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