It's not done yet. I started it last week and have been working when I find time. It's about eight minutes long so far but it feels unfinished. Also give any tips and tell me what it might sound like. I've been getting mixed crits so far and am not exactly sure if I'm doing good so far.


Sorry about not putting the folder in. My mistake.
Prog fo sho.zip
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You've got really nice riffs in this song, great lead work, but i didn't like the rhythm guitar; most of it sounded weird IMO.

At 23 for example, some of the chord durations are shorter than what they should be. the next acoustic bars are nice, but the rhythm guitar sounds out of time again.

The riff with the solo that follows lasts forever!!(starting at 91) you may want to shorten that one up a little bit.

I really enjoyed the solo over the acoustic guitar at 139, but didn't liked the huge hole at 179, you should shorten that up too, then the riff following sounded great! it felt like the Climax of the song, but then... then it was INCOMPLETE! .

so hurry up and finish it

mind critting mine? (choose from sig). Thanks.
that was pretty cool, it just seemed to be the exact same thing going on forever tho, solo was pretty kool!
Wow. If you shorten some sections like the acoustic solo into the distorted solo, you'll have an absolutely epic sounding song.