Can someone make a 50 x 50 (stupid UG) avatar outta the green box in this picture, except change the background to all white? If so, I would be forever in debt, and would worship your very existence...maybe not. But I will give you a nice thank you and if we happened to meet one day, I'd give you a hardy handshake. Please!!!
I'm hungry.
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There's a thread for this in the newbie forum.

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That's the Red Zone Cuba one. I love that one.
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Hearty, not hardy. Hearty.

Sorry I was thinkin of those badass 1000 calorie breakfast burritos that the fda wants to ban while I typed
I'm hungry.
sweet, awesome. Thank you all, I will download both, but use the first one, I may even put it on my fridge. Thank you.
I'm hungry.