I refinished a strat body with a van halen paintjob, and i need to get a new pickguard. I'm planning on using a dimarzio paf in the bridge(coil tapped) and 2 single coils from my original pickguard. I need to know what else I will need to get. I really do not know much about wiring and everything.

i think i will need a volume pot and 2 tone pots and a 5 way switch

1. to coil tap the bridge pickup, should i get a push pull pot or a mini switch?
2. would i be able to get a push/pull pot to act as a killswitch( i have one in another guitar)
3. am i missing anything?

I'm going to have someone at a guitar shop put it together, but i want to be sure of what i want before i bring it in.

does anyone have any idea about the possible cost, too (without the dimarzio paf)?
All u need is 2 push-pull pots, one with killswitch wiring and one w/ coil-tap. The pickguard (wite i presume can be found at WDmusic.com, as well as the pots. It should be (rounded up) about $25. Probably not that much tho. A 3-ply white isnt too much, maybe $20. And pots/caps arent too much, maybe $2 each. And the switch im gonna say is $5. So closer to $30 actually, w/out the PAF.