So I revently noticed that some of my dirt pedals sound relatively similar. Namely my DS-1, Screamin Blues, MD-2, and Big muff respectively. So first I was like dial in new tones or take em off my board, but then I though, how fun would it be to mod one??


I have minor experience with soldering...I've fixed up my Dad's old Phase 100, fixed up an unworking bass, and built various tech class trinkets all successfully.

Here are the pedals I'm willing to mod, in the order I'm willing to mod them:

2.Screamin' Blues

#4 and 5 are really unlikely, but I added them in case there is something cool
I can do with them. I know there are a lot of cool BD-2 mods, but I really love mine stock, so I doubt I'll risk not liking it.

So namely Ds-1 or Digitech Screamin' Blues...what can I do? Can anyone lead me to a good site? What is the best route to take??

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