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TEN SONGS!!!!! ROFL, i just had to check it out... this is classic...

This unique [ unique...] video game combines the fun of video games, with the fun of playing your very own guitar. With this game you can play along,
using an electric guitar styled controller, with ten [ TEN!!!] guitar rock tunes in different difficulty levels. It uses standard AV cables to plug into any TV,
as there is no console required.

Even if you've never picked up a guitar before, you can still rock out like a professional. No experience is necessary; just plug the guitar controller into your TV
and start playing. Before you know it, you'll be laying down killer riffs! [ lulz! "Hey man, listen to this killer riff i learned! *click click clickity click click*]

The object of the game is simple: the better you play, the more points you earn. The games guitar shaped controller lets you play along with ten great guitar rock tune
(Rockin Down the Highway, Shake me up, Granite Man, Hazy, Get It, We Love Rockin, What a Feelin, Sharks, Walkin Bad, Downtown Back). The controller is also color
coded to match the colors on the screen. To play, just choose the tune you wish to attempt, choose your difficulty level and start playing.

You can turn out the tunes on your own to strive for your personal best, or you can take on a challenger in the exciting two-player mode.
[ Oh, Guitar Hero can't do this next part] Best of all, because this game uses just AV cables plugged into any TV, you can take this game with you to friends'
houses when you go to hang out after school.

Order yours today and play this guitar game instead of air guitar!<-----
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also, windows failsta
its not that funny, its just a cheaper version of guitar hero. also, INTERNET EXPLORER? Learn the ways of firefox, and also Macs (but that's less important)

edit: actually granite man is pretty funny, would have been better if it was just copper man or something.
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