So I have been playing with my Roland Micro Cube for a while now. Seems alright, although there is no bass, treble and other such nobs. I have a pedal with an equalizer (Boss Metal Zone).

Anyways, I heard this is a decent pratice amp, but I have been thinking about getting a new one, especially since the Mirco Cube doesn't have a lot of wattage. Any Suggestions?
cube 60. small, cheap, and really powerful. On acoustic setting with a high distortion pedal it sounds like 1000 bucks. It may sound like a weird setting to play a metal zone through an acoustic model but it really sounds great. Not too many effects that are good, but if that doesnt bother you, its a great amp and only like 300 dollars.
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Something affordable really, not looking into paying a sheet load. I enjoy rock and metal, Canada and i'm looking into joining a band.
If u can afford it, a 15w Crate palomino. Nice tube amp, and i think it has a 3-band EQ. And with ur Metal Zone, it should sound really good.

If u need something a bit more affordable (and SS), try a Fender FM212R. 100 SS watts, nice 2x12, and has reverb and distortion.
well wattage doesnt mea anything... like most will tell you a 30 watt tube is plenty.. and i agree totally..

metal zone is ****ty throw that away... as Which ones pink asked budget, and style?
hmmm.. well i was gonna say 5150 cuz ive gotten a decent crunch to heavy tone.. but thats look at 500$+..

hum.... if i were you id try a few tube amps with an OD...
obviously dont try: spider series or Mg series.