Sun rises up
Over an empty, endless sky
That pours its contents into
This vacant sea of souls
We’ll find out some day
That the best thing we can do
Is just go our own way
Yea, go, our own way

We tread so carefully
Over this hidden lake of fire
Our innocent eyes blinded
By the light of the funeral pyre
But if we tear our eyes away
We’ll find a sweet surrender
If we just go, our own way
Yeah go, our own way

Someday I hope that we’ll do something about
The wrongs and evils we can’t do without
Pull the wool from over our deceived eyes
Speak out against these horrible lies

The sun sets now
Leaving an empty sky behind
It’s contents drained
In a still vacant sea of souls
And I fear someday
There’ll be nothing left to save
But until that day
I’ll just go my own way.

Right now just some lyrics I came up with for an acoustic song that I havn't even put chords to yet. Not complete really yet, I dont really know the meaning of the song but I know there's one there :-p. crit4crit