It won't work on, i'll hit the bypass, and my amp refuses to make noise, but when I hit the bypass again to have it off, I can hear my amps natural clean and distortion.
Yes, I have it plugged into the correct battery eliminator, and there is a fresh 9V in, but either way it won't work.

It was working fine like a week ago.
are the you plugged into the right input/output?

my Fulldrive did that, i plugged my guitar into the output and it didnt make any noise when on, but did when bypassed.
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Sounds like another faulty Metal Muff. The demo Metal Muff we got did the exact same thing within a few days.
Could be something simple.
If your not under warrenty and your decent enough with some tools, have a look inside it.
It could be just a soldered joint come undone.
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