Poll: Tiny Terror vs. Peavey classic 30 (1x12 vs 2x12)
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View poll results: Tiny Terror vs. Peavey classic 30 (1x12 vs 2x12)
9 32%
Tiny Terror
20 71%
7 25%
12 43%
Voters: 28.
Ok so the peavey has more tubes but is less expensive? it would be 1x12

Tiny terror i suspect is pretty bada** and i would get a 2x12 avatar cab for it (unless you can convince me 1x12 is sufficent)

i play classic rock to modern indie tones and i like to dabble in metal, i have a modded bd-2 pedal so i already have a good od to put in front of it to push it into the metal area

think- zep, strokes, blood brothers, autolux, death cab for cutie

I have a gibson special faded sg stock

should i go for the peavey and save money for a custom jazzmaster or will i regret it and want to upgrade to a new tube amp way too soon

what are the main differences between 1x12 and 2x12 isn't it volume and bass response?
the peavey will be louder but the tiny terror is more than loud enough plus it has a halfpower switch, with the avatar cab that tiny terror will sound amazing thats what i d go fore, itd be worth how ever much more money it is
Tiny Terror, no question. It's PLENTY loud+great tone.
Edit: Also, if you're strong enough to carry a 2X12, GET THAT. Sounds way better than 1X12.
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I'm going for the TT myself, gotta love it...
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I just saw a friends band Saturday night. He uses a Mesa/Boogie Mark III short head with a Mesa/Boogie 1x12 cab. They usually play bars, it's more than loud enough.
But the Mark III is 100W, right... The Terror being only 15 you cant really compare those 2.
all the world's indeed a stage and we are merely players
i would go for the TT with a 212. i would get one thats greenback/v30. my favorite combination for speakers.
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Sorry to kinda thread jack, but would the TT be loud enough to gig? It'd have to be mic'd right?

small gigs yea
Orange makes a great product, and there's a cult of followers here on UG.

But I'm going to go against the grain and say Classic 30. The more I play with this amp, the more I really like it. Two channels; great cleans and a good deal of gain on tap. Plenty of gigging power (I keep the volume on 4 out of 12). The used market is flooded with these amps, and you could get a combo for under $400, leaving plenty for your Jazzmaster fund.

Alternately, you could go for the C-30 head and still get the Avatar 2x12. That would be a great amp (Peavey speakers aren't the best). You'd then have the cab available should you ever decide to upgrade to something like a Rocker or AD30. Peavey and Orange both prefer 16 ohm cabs.

As cool as the Tiny Terror is, I think you're more likely to be in a rush to upgrade it than the Classic 30. It's 15 loud watts, but there's really not a lot of clean headroom. The C-30 is more of an all around amp.
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