Hey all. I play in a jam band and do a lot of solo recording too. I have a bunch of pedals and love the crazy sounds i get from them. However, everypedal i have i just a pedal. If its wah its a wah. If its delay its delay. Phase is phase. And you get the point by now.
I'm looking for the weirdest sounds out there. The most unique. I dont care if the output doesnt even sound like a guitar. I just want different sounds - i can always find a place for them. thanks for the help, and if my dream pedals don't exist.. well i understand.
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You have lots of options...
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What about that random arpeggiator pedal? What's it called? Robo something...
Omar used it on the interlude in Take the Veil Cerpin Taxt by TMV.
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Mooger Fooger. Every single one of their pedals has a "freakout setting" (one would say). They all sound different and do incredibly strange, beautiful, or undescribable things.

Another way to go is to get a really nice delay or looper (if you don't have one), and create layer, feedback, and pitch modulation, or reverse effects. The Electro Harmonix Stereo Memory Man wth Hazarai would be good for that.

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sounds like your after an EHX Frequency Analyser

+1, I was hoping someone would put that. Id say its exactly what your looking for. Ring Modulators are definitely ideal for making weird sounds.
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try the line 6 FM4 filter modulator. It has lots of the weirdest sounds. Check out this video to see what the FM4 can do. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZYrAD7khRh4

+1 the other guitarist in my band has one of these and they are awesome, i'm thinking of getting one as well
Mooger foogers scare me.. ..The sounds you can make with that thing are

Web candle + a monkey get it? hah! i thought not! thats how wierd the sounds are! you can't even like..... comprehend them

Sounds just about right!!
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Get like 3 delays in a row, crank the repeats/decay on the first one, make some noise with your guitar (just throw it on the floor), get on the floor, and play with everything, have fun. That's what I do at the end of a set.
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