i have an RG350EX and i have some money to spend on it.
i am going to place a OFR to it, and i want some pickups too.
my option is the SH-8(invaders) but i want it for both bridge and neck
is this for both positions
because i think i saw a web page that hade a sh-8b and a sh-8n
but i don´t remember what page it was.
so my question is that if i can buy two of this and place one on neck position and the other one at the bridge? or is it only for the bridge position?
Don't do it, they're awful pickups.

What amp do you have and what kind of tone do you want?
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I wouldn't buy Invaders, period.

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You CAN get Invaders for both the bridge and the neck, but they are almost only good for that Avenged Sevenfold style of rock. If thats not the tone you want to get, look for something else.
my amp is a roland cube 15x
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