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Thank you eat_pancakes for your witty rebuttal. I have a new respect for the pit because of that.

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I can't open a box of cereal without accidentally ripping the flap so it won't close quite right anymore.
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wonder if that is real?

sorry posted in wrong topic.

anyways abotu this guitar. i think its pretty dumb, why would go go though all that hassel.
everyone's going "a real guitarist doesn't need this, it's just for rich noobs. you should know how to tune a guitar" sure...you should know how to tune your own guitar, and you actually don't "need" it, but isn't it cool? c'mon seriously. you don't "need" desert after dinner right? you don't "need" wank off right? you don't "need" it, but why the hell not?
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its pretty cool, but ugly as hell....they need to put the know on the back or something and let it keep the plain guitar look