So, UG. I'm doing a long- term project for school (about different learning styles, how I'm improving as a learner, more IB program bul|****) and I'm writing a few songs. I just had a thought, and it went like this: "Hey, I wouldn't it be sort of cool to do a cover of a classical piece, kinda like what JerryC did with Canon in D?" Unfortunately for myself, I have an extremely limited collection of classical music and I can't think of another piece that would work well as an instrumental neo- classical shred piece.

So.. suggestions?

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I have really no idea which forum this would go in, so I just put it in the pit because there were 3 or so forums which it could fit in. If this is in the wrong place, I'll be happy to move it!

Vivaldi's Summer maybe... or anything that is well known, such as Beethovens, Mozart, etc ...
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Steve Vai has a version of movement 1 of Beethoven's 5th Symphony.
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Turkish March by Mozart. I think Matt Rach did a version of it, it's on youtube somewhere under amadeus rock I think.
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^Turkish March is a good one too.
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