okay, so for guitar class we have to study an artist or group or composer. i chose Crass on a whim.

is there anywhere i can get good information on Crass from start to present?

much appreciated, punk is dead.
^Why did you post just saying hi? I think you should chose I different band because Crass doesn't even really sound like music to me, but then again I hate Crass.
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I love Crass. Is your assignment on their guitar playing or on their lyrical/social views?
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Crass is a great choice I think.
Go to wikipedia, and I think they have some links to pretty reliable sources there.
What exactly are you studying about them? The general history, their beliefs/lyrics, or the music?
As far as guitar goes, there's not much to study. On guitar either followed the bassline (Punk Is Dead, End Result) or played one chord over and over again (Banned From The Roxy, Mother Earth) while the other just hit muted strings. They have some really cool basslines though.
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I haven't heard much Crass...you should do a Powerpoint and have their most vulgar, obscene song for background music.

All of their catalogue can be described by conservative, bull**** school standards as vulgar and obscene.
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Poor choice. But good luck though

That was a very poor choice.

Especially for guitar class.

I'm very ashamed of you, John

Instead, you should do underground punk legend Johnny Skull****.

I can give you all the info you need to know. And you'll get extra marks for having contacted the artist.
I think Crass is a solid choice.
Although their guitar parts are simple, it's quite difficult to obtain their sound.
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^Yeah, the tone is so trebley it's barely audible. It's like white noise a lot of the time, but that's why their sound is so unique.
project is about the history, musical style, the story behind it, everything like that.

almost liek a biography, i'd like to include like things like Steve Ignorant not doing vocals and the girls doing vocals, and so on.

i was gonna use Wiki but i'm not too sure i wanted to find another source before i relied on it.
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Theres a book The Story Of Crass by George Berger all the band (exept Andy Palmer) were interviewed and its writen around those... seems like a fairly reliable acount to me!

That book is really great. There's a website about Dial House as well somewhere.
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Yeah i have to do the same thing, I chose Elevation by Television. No real information, just wanted 2 get that out there... ill shut up now
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Yeah i have to do the same thing, I chose Elevation by Television. No real information, just wanted 2 get that out there... ill shut up now

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Rancid are the best punk band ever.

Tim Armstrong is a songwriting genius, is a complete fashion diva and has an incredible singing voice.

He doesn't sound like Opie from family guy at all.
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That should be OK then.

If it wasn't a general music study, you'd be in trouble.

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