I honestly dont think theres any competition when it comes to the best band ever, the Dead. They were inarguably the most influential band ever, and their career lasted for the nearly 30 years they toured, and it still lives on in the hearts of many.

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The Grateful Dead were, without a doubt, an utterly amazing band. No one can argue that. They excelled in the category, that, to me, is probably the most important in determining how good a band is. That was the live performance. The art of improvisation. To me, that is what music is all about. It's impossible to determine 'the best' band because it's all subjective, naturally. They were without a doubt one of the best. RIP Jerry.
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The Dead was the first major Jam Band of it's time. The Dead still lives on today without Jerry, through Phil Lesh and Bob Weir, although Bob has gone in somewhat of a different direction.
They were the best at what they did. It's impossible to say who the best band ever was, with the exception of all the Ringo Starr solo projects.
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Don't get me wrong, I love the Dead, but at least in my book, they're not the best band ever.

They are definitely amongst my favorite bands, but I would not call them the best band ever (that goes to The Allman Brothers Band ).

We have a large Grateful Dead thread floating around, so I'll try to find that.

EDIT: Found it:


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